It’s completely natural that you want to eliminate worm infection without spending a huge amount of money on professional-quality products or treatment by a pest control operator. When people discover that they have bed bugs, they often go for do-it-yourself recommendations from online discussions. These suggestions may include household items, some of which are recommended more often than others. Can a blow dryer kill bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects similar in size to rice grains, which hide in soft, warm and dark places, making the mattress an ideal hideout.

Due to the size of bedbugs, it can be difficult to notice them. But they reveal their presence by biting you. Usually it happens at night not only because you spend time sleeping, but also because they are night pests. During the day they hide in their secret hiding places and only come at night to chase you.

Their bites are not harmful to people, but they can be annoying. They make itchy red bumps. And this is the main reason why you can really get rid of them.

Can a blow dryer kill bed bugs?

How to use heat to kill bedbugs

The optimal temperature for killing bed bugs (including adult worms, eggs and nymphs) is between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This desired temperature should then be maintained for a long time to eliminate all bed bugs, even those on the walls and floor, on the mattress, and those hiding in electronics and other places that should not be taken into account. Pest control specialists use specialized heaters to increase the temperature in the infected area and industrial endurance monitors that circulate hot air and penetrates all potential insects.

Bed bugs are sneaky and hide in the least obvious places. Although they are often near the beds (because they are closer to the blood they need to feed), these pests can be found almost everywhere. Hair dryers and other home electronic heat sources cannot produce enough heat to fill the room, including inaccessible areas such as carpets or behind walls, which means that the problem will persist.

How about this hair dryer?

A hair dryer may seem like a safer way to kill bed bugs with heat. Unfortunately, their maximum temperature rarely exceeds 150 degrees. This level of heat can kill bedbugs, but only if you keep them warm for a few minutes. So if you don’t want to follow every worm with a hair dryer until they finally die, it’s probably better to just hit them with that thing.

When the bugs disappear, they actually disappear for a long time

Bed bugs can live from one to four months at normal temperatures (maybe a little longer at lower temperatures). An exterminator should come more than once and should check his home before offering a quote. Depending on the degree of the problem and the size of the house, the cost of treatment can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand; the national average is around 1750 USD. Many exterminators have a follow-up visit, but some will return several times. (It would be wise to ask for it.) After two or three visits by a professional to make sure there are no traces of bed bugs, you can consider yourself far from infestation.



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