Thanks to children entering and leaving for basketball training, endless bands of Christmas lights and strings, as well as dogs running and leaving the garage, garage door sensors can easily be knocked on. The good news is that they can also be easily installed. How to repair garage door sensor?

Check the door first

After closing the door, pull the emergency release cord and lift the door to see if it opens and closes smoothly. If not, the problem is with your tracks, rollers or springs, not the opener.

The remote control works, but the switch on the wall does not work

FIX: Replace the wall switch and wires If the remote control works but the wall switch does not work, you may need to replace the wall switch or switch wires. To determine if the switch or wires are damaged, first unscrew the switch from the wall and touch the two wires together (don’t worry, the wires are low voltage and they won’t shock you). If the opener works, you have the wrong switch. If you have an opener for older models, a cheap door bell button may work. If you have a newer opener with the option of light and blocking on the switch, buy the one designed for your model. The new one should cost around $ 15. If the opener does not work after touching the opener wires, use a small wire and jump over the same two wires at the end of the opener. If the opener works, the wire connecting the opener to the switch is damaged. Sometimes staples holding the wire to the wall clamp it, causing a short circuit. Install wire 18 to 22 thick for garage door repair.

How to repair garage door sensor?

The wall switch works, but the remote control does not work

The garage door will not open using the Remote Fix function: replace the batteries or buy a new remote control or receiver. If the wall switch works but one of the remote controls does not work, check the batteries first. Still nothing? You may need a new remote control. Home centers have several models, and a wide selection can be found online. If you can’t find one for your garage door opener, you can try a universal remote control or install a new receiver. The receiver replaces the radio frequency used by the own opener. An additional advantage of the new receiver is that it automatically updates older opening programs to new rolling code technology that stops villains from stealing your code. Just connect the new receiver to the socket near the opener and route the two wires supplied to the same terminals to which the wall switch is connected.

Clean safety eyes

Over time, dirt, dirt, and cobwebs accumulate over time and can block the operation of the sensor transmitter or receiver.

Check the eyes of the transmitter and receiver and clean them with a clean, dry towel if you notice any blockage.

Deformed sensor mount

Another common problem is the bent, deformed sensor frame on both sides of the system. If the frame holder is bent, the light beam will no longer be transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver.

The sensor mounting brackets are usually made of aluminum and therefore easily deformed. There are many things that can cause the sensor to move out of the center that you won’t notice or remember. People accidentally kick them, hit them with a ladder, hit them with a tool or hit them with a bicycle when they leave the garage.

The good news is that the sensor mounting brackets are made of soft aluminum, which means they can be easily swung out by hand.



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